About The Write Shift

Welcome word nerds, keyboard warriors, and me fellow keystroke commandos to The Write Shift.

The Write Shift is your backstage pass to the glamorous (cough) world of freelance copywriting.

Each episode brings you my priceless (or at least, invoiced) wisdom, plus chats with everyone from fresh-faced newbies to grizzled veterans who've written more words than a dictionary and have both the coffee and blackened ink stains all over their hands to prove it.

But who am I? Glad you asked.

I'm Tim King from hellotimking.com, one-part Content Strategist, two-parts Creative Copywriter, and all round resident wordsmith.

I've made a career—and survived—by turning unknown quantities of caffeine into copy and content, but now I’ve decided to pull back the curtain and show you the madness behind the typos.

Uh, I mean... the genius.

This podcast is your ticket to the copywriting big leagues, your treasure map to the freelance goldmine—or at least it's a solid attempt at making you feel less alone while you stare down another blank page at 3 AM.

Each episode, I'll spill trade secrets, wrangle with wordy woes, and navigate the minefield of client expectations. From deadlines that leave you longing for the simplicity of defusing a bomb, to copy that sizzles, snaps, and pops like a breakfast cereal commercial.

But wait—there's more! (No, not steak knives sadly.)

I'll also introduce you to fellow warriors of the word, from greenhorn rookies still filled with naive optimism, to grizzled veterans whose only remaining fear is a dead coffee maker.

No matter whether you’re a bright-eyed bushy-tailed beginner dreaming of work-life balance, or a seasoned pro with the eye-bags and an impressive portfolio to prove it, you’ve found your gang of word-slinging misfits.

So pour yourself a cup of liquid inspiration (or desperation—I wont judge), pull up a chair, and prepare to embrace the unvarnished truth about life putting the right words into the right order.

See you in the trenches.