The Write Shift Podcast Has LAUNCHED!

The Write Shift Podcast Has LAUNCHED!
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Alright, all you coffee-guzzling, keyboard-pounding word warriors out there – it’s time to stop the presses.

There's a new podcast in town, and it's about to rock your freelance copywriting world.

Say hello to The Write Shift!

I'm Tim King, and I've decided to venture out from behind the keyboard to bring you the inside scoop on the wild world of freelance copywriting.

Why The Write Shift, you ask?

Picture this: a podcast that delves headfirst into the untamed wilderness of deadlines and revisions, a podcast that lays bare the highs and lows of our beloved craft and still manages to chuckle about it.

The Write Shift is exactly that - a no-holds-barred, straight-shooting journey into the heart of freelance copywriting.

It's not just about surviving in this chaos-infused line of work; it's about thriving, laughing, and becoming a part of a community that understands just why finding that perfect synonym at 3 AM is a victory worth celebrating.

Every episode I'll be sharing my nuggets of wisdom, forged in the fires of endless client revisions and last-minute content requests.

But it's not all about me. You'll also hear from fresh faces who still entertain the notion of work-life balance, and from grizzled veterans whose word wizardry could put a spellbound silence over a noisy coffee shop.

So, whether you’re a bright-eyed newbie or a battle-hardened veteran, The Write Shift promises a healthy dose of reality, and a boatload of shared experiences.

It’s a podcast for those who’ve experienced the madness, the mayhem, and the magic of turning caffeine into content.

So go ahead. Refill your coffee cup, plug in your earbuds, and prepare to see freelance copywriting in a whole new light. The Write Shift is here to give a voice to your 3 AM writing frenzies and your last-minute proofreading victories.

The Write Shift is now live and ready for your listening pleasure.

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